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January 2, 1868

A parade and celebration of the black population of Richmond is held in regards to the anniversary of Emancipation. Black citizens have the courage and independence to host this public celebration.

April 13, 1867

There are major controversy and conflict spreading against prejudice in the South. With the recent passing of the Sherman Bill, many are claiming the government itself is "unconstitutional" and untrustworthy.

July 29, 1867

In order to complete registration, power needs to be given to sub-district commanders and military commissioners.These people will then act as presidents of boards for registration.Judicial offices send recommendations for who will fill these…

June 20, 1867

The Dispatch claims that clerks are not the same as officers, and, therefore, do not fall under the same qualifications for enfranchisement as officers before the Civil War.They are dependents of the officers who govern, so they did not rebel.General…

March 16, 1868

Under Schofield's orders on registration it is possible for a citizen's right to register to be challenged. Numerous black citizens have been challenged mostly for non-residence. The Boards of Registration will review these charges and then make a…

March 16, 1868

With the end of registration, the final totals of those registered are reported. Per ward there is a higher number of black Richmonders who registered than white Richmonders. The Dispatch is not pleased about the results but assures white Richmonders…

August 28, 1867

A black military company formed four months ago in Hanover County as a reaction to new policies regarding black rights and Reconstruction.Virginia hopes to eliminate this organization, as the men in it have caused disturbances at many speeches,…

December 24, 1866

President Johnson ordered for the military commission trying Dr. Watson be dissolved because the commission did not have proper jurisdiction to try him.

December 18, 1866

Further evidence, mainly a statement by General Schofield, shows that he had not called upon his men to arrest anyone who attempted to help Dr. Watson escape, but in fact had instructed his men to find witnesses.

March 21, 1868

Some citizens challenge General Schofield's authority. Citizens are left pondering and criticizing Schofield's every move. Schofield is quite arguably one of the most powerful men right now.
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