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May 11, 1866

Judge Underwood is attempting to try Jefferson Davis for treason. The Reconstruction Committee and Thaddeus Stevens agree that the amendment needs to be favored by at least nineteen state for ratification.

May 12, 1866

Thaddeus Stevens and Radical Republicans give their best efforts to prevent the third section of the amendment from being stricken out. They tell the Democrats, "Give us the third section or give us nothing!"

May 18, 1866

The North and South are still in complete disagreement over political, commercial and social issues; the North can not continue to prevent eight million white voters from participating in government.

May 25, 1866

It appears as if the third section of the constitutional amendment will have to be omitted for its passage. Radicals are starting to feel increasingly uneasy about their loss of control of Reconstruction.

May 26, 1866

There is no evidence that Reconstruction is making progress; opposing parties are still finding it difficult to compromise. Even some Radicals are realizing that the third amendment must be omitted if Reconstruction is to flourish.

May 29, 1866

Radical Stevens proposes to acknowledge the South for governmental purposes, deciding that they should be permitted to create their new governments and constitutions which will be approved or rejected by Congress.

June 1, 1866

Johnson contends that the Southern states are not out of the Union because they could not legally get out, but Radicals assume that the states are not included in the Union and must comply with certain conditions before they are readmitted.

June 2, 1866

White Southerners report that Thaddeus Stevens threatens the execution of Johnson's impeachment. According to them, he is instigated by the devil and his actions will end up harming only himself.

June 4, 1866

The New Haven Board of Education votes for keeping black children out of their city public school system. White Southerners question why Stevens is not enforcing the Civil Rights act, calling it a "dead cause".

June 5, 1866

White Southerners agree with Judge Nelson's decision thatrestrictions made by Radicals attempted to be applied to Southern states are infractions of the Constitution. Governors and legislation of every state should be given full employment of all…
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