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April 10, 1871

According to the Dispatch, the Kuklux bill that is being prepared in Congress is a violation of the Constitution. The bill is attempting to gain control over the 14th Amendment and be will be used for broader purposes that takes rights away from the…

January 7, 1871

An African-American man spoke to the House about the condition of dirty railroad cars with no sitting room, opposed to the white men that had clean cars and a sitting room. Mr. Ragsdale called for the house to discuss this topic. The House voted to…

September 6, 1870

While those in New York may think it to be outrageous for a man to claim his right to be a registered voter in West Virginia, those of The Daily Dispatch seem to think otherwise. Despite the man being an ex-rebel and democrat, he still pays his taxes…

May 5, 1869

Either ratifying or not ratifying the 15th Amendment is debating between "two evils." Ultimately, the lesser evil is to ratify the Amendment.

February 18, 1869

A court case regarding a women who was moved to a different train car that was specifically for black individuals.

January 22, 1869

Governor Wells, the governor of Virginia elected by the carpetbaggers, fears allowing the disenfranchised white people to vote again because he knows he won't get reelected. Thus, he pleads against the Committee of Nine before Congress.

May 23, 1868

The Radical Platform is impressed with Reconstruction, but the Conservatives believe it is having disastrous measures.

May 6, 1868

Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri are not ready to accept African Americans into their churches.

April 29, 1868

Thaddeus Stevens, a leader of the Radical Republicans, acts as a manager of the impeachment trial. Stevens lobbies for the conviction of Mr. Johnson.

April 16, 1868

The Senate has postponed unlimited speeches in the impeachment trial until further notice. The trial heats up as President Johnson's new evidence is admitted. The impeachers wish to dampen any hope in Johnson's favor.
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