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March 29, 1869

Virginia should be represented at Washington. The gentlemen of the State "would be eminetely useful at this time in helping obtain useful and necessary legislation for the State and the South."

October 18, 1869

The question of who the next Senators will be has not been answered. The Dispatch gives the names of a few men who they have labeled as formidable candidates.

October 24, 1870

One day down the line, after years and years pass, General Robert E. Lee will come to be appreciated for the man that he was, or so it is framed in this article. However, it is not just those in the Richmond who believe this, as an article from theā€¦

January 5, 1871

In Henrico county, numerous White teachers were appointed for each school, but only one African-American teacher was appointed for the school, and there were vacant positions for African-American school teachers.
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