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January 7, 1869

While the authors of the Virginia constitution do not believe in "negro" suffrage in their "present uneducated position", they do believe that they need to make some concessions to the Union so that they can also pass universal amnesty and facilitateā€¦

January 21, 1869

Letter from the Virginia committee to the senate judiciary committee. The committee does not agree with universal suffrage because the recent freedmen in their current uneducated state, are unsafe depositories of political power. However, due to theā€¦

March 29, 1869

Virginia should be represented at Washington. The gentlemen of the State "would be eminetely useful at this time in helping obtain useful and necessary legislation for the State and the South."

January 7, 1868

Alexander H. H. Stuart remarks on the sour attitude of disenfranchisement for white Southerners while black citizens are allowed the right to vote.
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