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February 7, 1866

The breakup of the Republican party approaches due to disagreements between party leaders.

March 9, 1866

Radicals now believe Johnson's egotism embodies the "spirit of evil" and that he is looking to crush Congress

April 27, 1866

Southern representatives strongly resent the passage of the Civil Rights act, and question the authority of those who signed the bill into law.

May 1, 1866

Forney of the Reconstruction Committee thinks it is unrealistic that the new constitution will be inflexibly enforced for Southerners- they are unwilling to accept the new laws. There is no way that the required number of states will be willing to…

May 19, 1866

Sumner requests that the second clause of the amendment be stricken out and substituted with a clause requiring a Congressman from the South be chosen by half of loyal men in his district before being permitted back into the House of Representatives.

May 26, 1866

There is no evidence that Reconstruction is making progress; opposing parties are still finding it difficult to compromise. Even some Radicals are realizing that the third amendment must be omitted if Reconstruction is to flourish.

June 5, 1866

White Southerners agree with Judge Nelson's decision thatrestrictions made by Radicals attempted to be applied to Southern states are infractions of the Constitution. Governors and legislation of every state should be given full employment of all…

July 3, 1866

A public school in D.C. for young freedmen is criticized by white Southerners who ridicule the students' lack of knowledge and inability to name any of the Senators who are pushing for their rights and education.

September 8, 1866

Citing the increase distrust and malice towards the former rebels and southerners felt in Philadelphia after the Radical Convention, there is a strong plea to ensure southern Conservatives vote. Suggesting Republican control of government would serve…

December 25, 1866

The Dispatch wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with one qualifier. They want everyone to be as happy as possible under the current circumstances.
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