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January 29, 1870

Virginia's first representatives are finally sworn in to the national legislature.

January 24, 1870

Despite everything, Sumner is still trying to find a way to block the admission of Virginia.

January 22, 1870

The admission of Virginia finally makes it through Congress.

January 21, 1870

The final pieces of the Virginia admission are decided.

January 20, 1870

The admission of Virginia passes, but opposed Senators swear to bring up more amendments to further postpone it.

January 19, 1870

More senators seem to be leaning towards the admission of Virginia and the cessation of filibustering.

January 18, 1870

Senators blocked the admission of Virginia by filibustering again.

January 18, 1870

Virginia was not admitted back into the Union due to a filibuster.

January 17, 1870

The final arguments made in Congress on Friday, January 14th, 1870 about the admission of Virginia into the Union.

January 14, 1870

The admission of Virginia is almost guaranteed, but the opposition will not give up.
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