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April 2, 1868

Butler gave a speech yesterday attacking President Johnson. The possibility that Johnson will be acquitted is more popular. Impeachment itself is losing publicity just as Reconstruction did. The wearisome trial is quite unpredictable.

April 18, 1868

The impeachment trial is a bit disorganized. President Johnson works to defend himself against his opponents such as Butler.

September 11, 1868

This paper is in response to the New York Herald correspondent stating that anyone who fought with the confederates should not be allowed to vote.The article is an outrageous response that goes as far as to call the correspondent in question an…

October 26, 1868

Talk about two Northern historians who agree with the South in rebelling against the North. Article goes no to say that these are the true smart men of the north who are being suppressed by the radicals. Article says at the end that years from now…

August 4, 1869

The Wellsites are fighting to take suffrage away from some white Virginians. This is hypocritical considering they worked so hard to give blacks suffrage on the premise that everyone deserves a vote.

September 24, 1869

It has been suspected that the Radicals, under the lead of Boutwell, Butler, and Sumner, were preparing a scheme by which to nullify the recent election in Virginia. Their only goal is to keep Virginia out of the Union.

December 28, 1869

Mr. Sumner proposes a bill that could leave Virginia without any Legislature at all. The bill's main focus is the Iron-clad oath. If passed, Reconstruction could be prolonged until the end of time.

December 29, 1869

Virginia will be represented in Congress when the body reassembles, regardless of the efforts of Sumner and Butler.

January 3, 1870

Governor Walker addresses the "colored people" and emphasizes his willingness to support their rights.

January 12, 1870

The admission of Virginia is a hot topic in Congress. Senators are getting personal in their arguments.
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