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March 22, 1871

Reconstruction and its supporters are a dying breed. The North is perpetuating this are failing to do so.

January 17, 1871

Senator Lewis, a Radical Republican, along with his fellow party members, is pushing for racial equality and to have African-Americans serve in office. According to the Dispatch, Lewis is overstepping his bounds and Grant is annoyed with the Radicals…

July 6, 1870

The word "white" has been eliminated from the naturalization laws and condemned in its use in Congress. However by a vote the word was reincorporated. This is hypocritical considering all the movements towards racial equality. How can Radicals do…

June 22, 1870

The Senate has authorized the installation of more telegraph lines. A new development allowing for international lines from Bermuda has also been allowed.

May 20, 1870

The Conservatives are getting a bill passed without a provision that mandates each voter and their ballot be numbered, which upsets the Radicals. The Government also denies the Radical requests to add the clause back into the bill.

May 14, 1870

Sumner's bill for integration of public spaces for both "blacks" and "whites" will most likely be rejected by Conservatives in Congress. Additionally, the Conservatives claim the Radicals do not truly want to associate with the "blacks" in public.

May 14, 1870

Sumner is pushing a bill that would integrate public, religious, and economic sectors of society for "blacks" and "whites." This would be a large step in achieving universal liberties.

May 12, 1870

A bill allocating funds for education and the Educational Bureau is being negotiated in the Senate and a discussion is taking place regarding whether education should be a state or national issue.

May 9, 1870

There is a possible Indian War in the West that would remove troops from Southern states. Additionally, the effects and ways to handle the Capitol Disaster are being discussed within the government.

April 4, 1870

Underwood is praised by the Republicans for his decision to keep Chahoon in office.
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