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October 1, 1867

The Dispatch expresses that the public should be aware of how cruel and malign the Radical Party is.

August 22, 1867

Many German-American papers believe that Radicals have focused too much on black suffrage and now declare that Germans should no longer align with the Radicals.They urge German citizens to vote for the Conservative candidates in the upcoming…

January 24, 1870

Despite everything, Sumner is still trying to find a way to block the admission of Virginia.

April 18, 1868

The impeachment trial is a bit disorganized. President Johnson works to defend himself against his opponents such as Butler.

January 22, 1870

The admission of Virginia finally makes it through Congress.

June 5, 1866

White Southerners agree with Judge Nelson's decision thatrestrictions made by Radicals attempted to be applied to Southern states are infractions of the Constitution. Governors and legislation of every state should be given full employment of all…

May 26, 1866

There is no evidence that Reconstruction is making progress; opposing parties are still finding it difficult to compromise. Even some Radicals are realizing that the third amendment must be omitted if Reconstruction is to flourish.

July 3, 1866

A public school in D.C. for young freedmen is criticized by white Southerners who ridicule the students' lack of knowledge and inability to name any of the Senators who are pushing for their rights and education.

December 28, 1869

Mr. Sumner proposes a bill that could leave Virginia without any Legislature at all. The bill's main focus is the Iron-clad oath. If passed, Reconstruction could be prolonged until the end of time.

May 14, 1870

Sumner is pushing a bill that would integrate public, religious, and economic sectors of society for "blacks" and "whites." This would be a large step in achieving universal liberties.
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