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September 4, 1866

A response to District Court Judge Underwood's scathing letter on the treatment of freedmen, their future treatment, and the rights of former rebels. Suggests that without the Freedmen's Bureau and other Republican policies the life of Freedmen in…

September 22, 1866

Angered by a report that Judge Underwood, speaking on behalf of all Virginians, said the Virginia legislature should approve the new constitutional amendment. The editor attacks Underwood saying he has no right to talk on behalf of Virginia and that…

October 10, 1866

After months of confusion as to whether or not Jefferson Davis will be tried in an American court for his crimes, it seems that he will in fact be tried. It is not for certain, but in a few days it should be made clear that he will be tried.

October 18, 1866

Now that the military government has been withdrawn and a peace proclamation given to all the States, the courts appear to be ready to try Jefferson Davis. The trial could be before a District Court as soon as November.

January 3, 1867

While staying loyal to the federal government, the people of Virginia want to alter their government to avoid the injustices of the Union men in Virginia.

May 10, 1867

An incident occurs between firemen and a freedman.The freedman crowded the space the firemen worked on, leading to an altercation that caused a growing crowd of black men to fight.A riot broke out as a result.

May 10, 1867

Five black men have been appointed to the jury-box, creating a case that is extremely unique.This is very strange and unparalleled for the courts of Virginia and Richmond.

May 11, 1867

A ratification meeting was held at the African church with a majority of black people.This is very controversial and included inflammatory speeches.Equality of people in Virginia was addressed during this meeting.

May 15, 1867

There was a meeting here in which many prominent citizens of all races attended.The speakers talk of reconciliation and reconstruction, as well as the current status of Virginia, encouraging people to come together to improve the state.

May 24, 1867

Chief Justice Chase is challenging Underwood and his credibility.He has called him in under a writ of error based on three claims that involve a violation of property law.This case has roots in the Civil War and property of people who were involved…
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