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December 10, 1870

The Dispatch, and the South as whole, has a warning for everyone: watch out. The "Federal tyranny" has used its tools to take possession of the ballot boxes in the city of Richmond, and no sooner will they begin to take control in the North.

November 24, 1870

In the interest of bringing the country together, as well as of peace and harmony, General Grant has recommended universal amnesty.

August 27, 1870

The Petersburg Index claims the first blacks in juries will be seen in the future, but in Virginia, blacks have been serving on juries for three years already.

July 6, 1870

The Conservative Caucus has decided to delay the reapportionment of representatives currently until the next session of the General Assembly. When this happenes the House, the Senate, and the Virginia General Assembly will require reapportionment,…

July 4, 1870

There will be a reapportionment of representatives for the House. The statistics will be taken in the summer, and later the Census Bureau will submit their findings and will allow Washington to make an accurate conclusion regarding the number of…

June 15, 1870

The bill for Congressional representation reapportioning will benefit Virginia Conservatives, since their position as the majority party in Virginia will enable them to elect another Conservative representative.

April 8, 1870

Chief Justice Chase begins hearing the case of Ellyson v. Chahoon.

April 6, 1870

Underwood deserves to be disbarred for making an unconstitutional decision that takes rights away from Virginia.

April 5, 1870

The people of Richmond are expecting a fight of some kind to erupt between Chahoon and Ellyson. They are so far disappointed.

April 5, 1870

Ellyson wants to prove that the attempts by the United States to depose him are unconstitutional.
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