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April 13, 1869

The return of the elections in Viriginia will not be presecribed by the Underwood consitution or by Underwood" We do not know who caused this change, but "in the name of the people of Virginia we thank him fro relieving us from the power of this bad…

January 8, 1869

It is a waste of time to fight "negro" suffrage. The real problem is creating something to defeat the Underwood constitution. Virginia must join together to prevent worse things from happening. Nothing can be worse than the Underwood constitution and…

April 27, 1869

Success in commerce, industry, and arts, can only be achieved under the favor of good government and freedom of the citizen. Deprive a community of these, and decline and ruin must be its fate, "were the whole country under arbitrary authority it…

March 25, 1870

The debate on the constitutionality of appointing officials to elective offices continues.

May 24, 1867

Chief Justice Chase is challenging Underwood and his credibility.He has called him in under a writ of error based on three claims that involve a violation of property law.This case has roots in the Civil War and property of people who were involved…

August 16, 1869

The Dispatch thought that their distrust and distaste for Wells ended when Walker was elected. However, Wells continues to stir up trouble claiming that some Virginians corrupted the election. He also claims that he secured the opportunity to vote…

August 27, 1870

The Petersburg Index claims the first blacks in juries will be seen in the future, but in Virginia, blacks have been serving on juries for three years already.

January 17, 1870

The final arguments made in Congress on Friday, January 14th, 1870 about the admission of Virginia into the Union.

February 17, 1868

A Republican newspaper known for its unsympathetic and harsh review of the South has strangely disappeared.

May 18, 1869

Walkers impending election is looking better amongst Virginians. As black citizens are coming to their senses, forgetting about the Carpetbaggers, and voting for Walker.
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