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January 20, 1866

The House votes to pass the proposed Suffrage bill, angering the editors at the Dispatch.

March 5, 1866

Voting is taking place regarding the proposed Amendment of the Charter of the City of Richmond

May 11, 1866

Congress resumes consideration of rallying Republicans together to oppose the possibility of the third section being stricken out. Without this part of the amendment, voting rights for former Confederate supporters will not be taken away.

May 11, 1866

The House decides to pass the amendment proposed by the Reconstruction Committee which takes away the majority of the South's voting rights. White Southerners are in denial of this decision.

May 16, 1866

A conference held by the Reconstruction Committee decides that efforts will be made to strike out the third section of the amendment which disenfranchises all rebels for four years. In its place, a clause will be inserted that will deprive all former…

June 1, 1866

The current Civil Rights act is considered unconstitutional by many white Southerners. According to them, the Radicals who voted for it have convicted themselves for their unconstitutional measure.

June 21, 1866

Southerners states are given permission to vote in Presidential election of 1868. They threaten that any attempts to stop them from voting will result in huge conflict.

August 3, 1866

Southerners are convinced that talk of their exclusion fromvoting in the next Presidential election is only a conspiracy, but if it is true, blood will be shed.

October 13, 1866

Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton has put her name in the race to represent the 18th Congressional district of New York. She says she is an independent but would agree with the Republicans as long as they continue to support negro suffrage.

November 2, 1866

A Radical paper suggests that the Southern states should ratify the amendment so that they can participate in the next election. The Dispatch says there is no point to participate in these elections if the best men of the South, those who supported…
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