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February 17, 1871

The House will discuss a bill that would control state representatives for Congress. The Dispatch discusses the loopholes, based on the Virginia Constitution, that can expel Virginia from this form of control.

December 10, 1870

The Dispatch, and the South as whole, has a warning for everyone: watch out. The "Federal tyranny" has used its tools to take possession of the ballot boxes in the city of Richmond, and no sooner will they begin to take control in the North.

December 9, 1870

Mayoral elections are upon the city of Richmond, and to the Conservatives, getting their candidate elected is as easy as getting out and voting. If they fail, they leave the government in the hands of,"a being utterly ignorant of government".

October 17, 1870

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." It seems as though the Radical Republicans are taking that saying to a new level. While at the moment, the soldiers stationed outside the polls may be there only to, "keep the peace," it is only a matter…

August 31, 1870

The Radical administration is enforcing the Fifteenth Amendment, which allows voting registration to be denied to whites but not blacks. This will hurt their party in the upcoming election since this policy creates a larger Conservative voter base in…

August 1, 1870

The Farmville election for mayor and council positions may have had voter fraud, but the Republican ticket won. The newly elected mayor will aid Farmville in replicating Richmond's economic growth by promoting agriculture and infrastructure…

June 20, 1870

The policy of Virginia freights operations inhibits the state economy by charging higher prices than lines sourcing from other regions. Virginia lines should price competitively to foster commerce and increase profitability and productivity for all…

June 3, 1870

Some believe that foreigners should be allowed to vote in the United States, but the Radicals deny this request since Constitutional amendments are intended to allow for suffrage of citizens only. The South indicates this refusal of suffrage is…

June 2, 1870

Elections should be a state and not a national matter so that partisanship doesn't dictate the outcome of elections. Fair elections will result from the elimination of individuals who are motivated to sway elections based on their respective party's…

May 27, 1870

In Norfolk a colored man tried to razor a while man, but the majority of violence was between men of "color."
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