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May 7, 1869

This article was written by a black man. They are calling for a Colored Convention in Richmond and Virginia on May 27th, similar to the Convention the Conservatives held.

January 24, 1867

A bill was passed that prevented Confederate lawyers from practicing in U.S. courts. The vote took hours, as the democrats distracted congress (i.e. filibusters) to delay voting. Warrants were placed out for members who left unexcused.

January 29, 1870

The discussion of equal voting rights for whites and blacks comes up because of the ratification process for the Fifteenth Amendment.

December 4, 1866

After a meeting of the Radical caucus in Congress, their initiatives for this congressional term have been announced. They include deeming the state governments of former confederate states unconstitutional, introducing commissioners to those states,…

October 13, 1866

Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton has put her name in the race to represent the 18th Congressional district of New York. She says she is an independent but would agree with the Republicans as long as they continue to support negro suffrage.

June 6, 1867

After voting in elections on Monday, many black men were left on the streets waiting for the Republican party to help them.They voted for the Radical or Republican ticket and were left struggling to get food and travel home.

January 5, 1869

A.H.H Stuart speaks to a audience concerned about the proclamation of amnesty. Congress doesn't seem to believe that the President can issue pardons to whoever he wishes and seeks to ban Presidential pardons.

March 5, 1866

Voting is taking place regarding the proposed Amendment of the Charter of the City of Richmond

June 23, 1869

The Dispatch is scared that people will start demanding voting rights for the Chinese Immigrants. The Dispatch strongly believes the U.S. is its strongest when only white male are governing the country. They point to the diversity in Spain and South…

August 16, 1869

The Dispatch thought that their distrust and distaste for Wells ended when Walker was elected. However, Wells continues to stir up trouble claiming that some Virginians corrupted the election. He also claims that he secured the opportunity to vote…
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