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February 8, 1871

The Senate rejects the final settlement of arbitration about the debt dispute between Virginia and West Virginia. The Dispatch is critical, acknowledging that no solution is going to be perfect in satisfying both states. The Dispatch defends its…

November 3, 1870

In an attempt to gain more black voters, the Conservatives have sent a message to the blacks of the district to think about who they really want to be representing them.

October 17, 1870

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." It seems as though the Radical Republicans are taking that saying to a new level. While at the moment, the soldiers stationed outside the polls may be there only to, "keep the peace," it is only a matter…

September 19, 1870

Thomas W. McCance has stepped down from his position of city superintendent. As a Conservative, the State Central Committee has called a hearing to determine what they plan to do in the wake of his resignation.

August 18, 1870

There can only be two national parties, the Conservatives and the Republicans, and the creation of new parties would hurt the nation's voter unity by further splitting the vote. Virginians will support the state's majority party, the Conservative…

June 17, 1870

The transition of bonds from single payment to coupon bonds is proposed. However, the cost of doing so is prohibitive as coupons bonds are more valuable to holders but cost the government more, which could result in a tax if a bond transitioned to…

May 17, 1870

Republican Radicals are threatening to impose another period of reconstruction in Virginia as a result of acts of discrimination against "colored peoples" by Conservatives. The Conservatives question whether such an action is legal, since Virginia…

April 28, 1870

The Capitol partially collapses during the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

April 21, 1870

Governor Wise and Mr. Neeson make arguments before the Court of Appeals in the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

April 4, 1870

Underwood is praised by the Republicans for his decision to keep Chahoon in office.
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