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January 24, 1867

A bill was passed that prevented Confederate lawyers from practicing in U.S. courts. The vote took hours, as the democrats distracted congress (i.e. filibusters) to delay voting. Warrants were placed out for members who left unexcused.

January 1, 1867

The bill for a new tariff is being sent to congress that will heavily impact the entire country north and south, although they are unsure of what it is.

April 11, 1867

A Northern Women recalls the time she has lived in the South, and how much hatred she receives from the black communities. Blacks of the South detested poor white people and went to the extent of not even working for them.

June 22, 1868

A Conservative walked ten miles to preach to colored people out of the goodness of his heart.

March 27, 1867

Former Confederate president Jefferson Davis has been held in prison for over two years without trial or consideration for his detainment. No branch of the government wants to deal with his trial which is leading to a bad reputation of the American…

January 15, 1867

A black man states that for future generations, African Americans should continue to be called themselves Negroes. He does not want to be denied his past nor the rest of his races'.

January 25, 1867

A "schoolmarm" and a black man were walking with each other, locking arms, in the city. This alone called for the city to order an investigation.

January 1, 1867

Richmond district representative returns to tell that states will be admitted back into the constitution backed by the adoption of a new amendment.

August 11, 1869

The Colored Conservative Republican Club of Richmond wrote to the Colored Voters of Virginia. In this address, they ask blacks to support Governor Walker even if they did not in the election. They ask them to be good citizens and remember how far…

July 13, 1869

It is important for white Virginians to prove to the black citizens of Virginia that they are safe with Walker in power.
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