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October 16, 1869

Rumors swell of a coalition between the Wells Radicals and the Walker True Republicans in hopes of gaining a majority and electing Lewis or Stearns as Senators.

April 8, 1867

Congress is being urged to return to for summer session. This would be to prevent the loss of the Radicals power in the Legislature.

March 21, 1867

Due to the two recent Reconstruction bills that have been circulating through Congress drawing most of their attention, people feel Congress should focus on other topics. The area of restoring the South can be dealt with by the people of the South,…

February 22, 1867

General Grant was interviewed on his views of Union control in the South and his position on where the country currently stands. The interviewer felt very pleased with Grant's mannerism and confidence and made it a point to say that he sees him fit…

April 13, 1867

There are major controversy and conflict spreading against prejudice in the South. With the recent passing of the Sherman Bill, many are claiming the government itself is "unconstitutional" and untrustworthy.

May 17, 1870

Republican Radicals are threatening to impose another period of reconstruction in Virginia as a result of acts of discrimination against "colored peoples" by Conservatives. The Conservatives question whether such an action is legal, since Virginia…

February 8, 1871

The Senate rejects the final settlement of arbitration about the debt dispute between Virginia and West Virginia. The Dispatch is critical, acknowledging that no solution is going to be perfect in satisfying both states. The Dispatch defends its…

September 13, 1869

The Radical Republicans, in Response to Wells resigning and Walker taking office, have called a State Convention.

March 25, 1870

The debate on the constitutionality of appointing officials to elective offices continues.

January 2, 1867

Judge was brought before United States Commissioner after refusing to hear African American testimony in court. The case was trying to state that Reconstruction violated the Civil Rights Bill.
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