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February 12, 1867

Final preparations for the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad were finally being processed through the Virginia Congress. With some minor debate in obligations to the construction of the railroad, the railroad is hoped to bring success. All men of the…

August 16, 1869

The Dispatch thought that their distrust and distaste for Wells ended when Walker was elected. However, Wells continues to stir up trouble claiming that some Virginians corrupted the election. He also claims that he secured the opportunity to vote…

January 3, 1870

Governor Walker addresses the "colored people" and emphasizes his willingness to support their rights.

February 11, 1867

Jefferson Davis, previous President of the Confederacy, while he has been ill during his imprisonment at Fort Monroe is finally starting to regain his strength and health. Even though he is a prisoner, he lives in a very mild environment, with no…

April 2, 1867

As Congress adjourns, final talk of impeachment of President Johnson settles down. Unless something extraordinary occurs, no talk of impeachment will occur again until adjournment in December.

January 19, 1870

More senators seem to be leaning towards the admission of Virginia and the cessation of filibustering.

September 19, 1870

Thomas W. McCance has stepped down from his position of city superintendent. As a Conservative, the State Central Committee has called a hearing to determine what they plan to do in the wake of his resignation.

May 21, 1869

Governor Wells is unjust; he may have even broken laws. Mr. Walker "is a determined advocate of equality and justice." Comparatively, Mr. Walker would be a better governor than Wells is.

May 20, 1869

Mr. Edgar Allan spoke and positively impacted the black Virginians opinion of Mr. Walker.

January 17, 1870

The final arguments made in Congress on Friday, January 14th, 1870 about the admission of Virginia into the Union.
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