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February 25, 1867

Directly from the Alexandria State Journal, they have stated their opinion on the most Reconstruction bill, stating it leaves the loyalists, or "rebels", too much power. Most will still be able to run for office, and this will only create more…

February 19, 1867

As serving on the Supreme Court, Justice Chase declared Virginia constitutionally a state with a legitimate government, while Congress declared the state not valid under the Constitution. Since West Virginia gained the consent of Virginia to create…

February 11, 1867

Congress was pushing for a new military government in the South, especially Texas, which divided the views of many radical southerners. Some believe the military control should be used to enforce new regulations upon the remaining "rebels" of the…

January 26, 1867

The Northerners despise the Southerners and their ways of action. They believe that anyone who turns their back on their country should not be trusted reinstating the newly organized one.

March 13, 1867

Extreme Congressmen have the sole goal of empowering the African Americans and the loyal whites of the South and restricting the powers of the "rebels". While the Louisiana bill does all this, Southerners need to realize the bill could be much worse…

January 18, 1867

After the Northerners helped the black population of the south, they did not expect the sudden influx of disappointed African Americans to the North looking for more help. "Waste" comes from the Southerners mad that the workforce is leaving and being…

June 29, 1869

The white Virginians think that the Radicals effort to coerce blacks to vote for Wells is desperate and ineffective .

January 13, 1870

Virginia will be admitted to the Union without further sanctions.

July 7, 1869

Walker won the election, and the police did a good job keeping order during the voting.

January 5, 1867

Virginia will be ratifying the current Amendment that is going through the ratification process (i.e. the Fourteenth Amendment). This is one of the Reconstruction Amendments, along with the already passed 13th and the soon to be passed 15th.
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