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July 11, 1866

Radicals are feeling threatened by the National Convention, and are criticized for trying to exclude Democrats from the occasion and include blacks.

August 20, 1866

Southerners believe the success of the Philadelphia Convention will translate to the upcoming elections. Radicals can not deny a new wave of Conservatism which has set in, and Stanton has now decided to follow example of other Conservative members of…

September 13, 1866

The military guard, under General Grant's guidance was stepped in and arrested four citizens who were charged with killing a "negro" after the civil authorities refused to arrest the men.

September 19, 1866

Republicans in the city are accused of tricking the "ignorant negro" into believing the recent cholera outbreak affecting the city is actually being caused by the white Richmonders poisoning the black residents. A large crowd is gathering outside the…

October 27, 1866

There are proposed modifications to the Constitutional Amendment, however the Dispatch still opposes the amendment and those who support it. The editors say the modification do not change the amendments implications are merely a ploy by the Radicals…

November 9, 1866

The paper is happy to publish a quote in which President Johnson says the nation cannot survive how it is currently being run, where a minority is ruling the majority. Suggesting that he believes his policies are popular with the majority of…

November 15, 1866

General Grant has nullified his previous order requiring the army to arrest any citizens accused of a crime that the civil authorities refuse to arrest. The Dispatch is very happy with this decision.

April 10, 1867

President Johnson has been recommended by Radicals themselves to pardon a very large number of rebels. The total number of rebels pardoned in the is 121.

June 7, 1867

Recent controversy over the state of the Confederacy and money have caused the government to debate how legitimate the Confederate States were.Paper money from the Confederacy is no longer legitimate and debts are left in the hands of corporations.

June 25, 1867

The Hon. Mr. Kelley visited the southern states and gave a speech upon returning to his home in Philadelphia.He claims that the South is a beautiful place and Northerners would get along well there.He says there is an abundance of resources and going…
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