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April 6, 1868

Out with the old Governor Peirpoint in with the the new Governor Wells. Governor Henry Wells, born in New York, is a successful lawyer. Although Wells is from the north and a Republican, white Southerners view him in a good light differentiating him…

April 6, 1868

Arguments as to why Governor Peirpoint is being forced out of his seat are made. Many faults in the reasons are also exposed. Governor Peirpoint cannot be ineligible for election since he was not elected under the Constitution. Moreover, this…

April 8, 1868

General Wells has not gained the amount of support from Virginians as he had hoped, making his next nomination and election tricky. Hunnicutt does hold the support Wells needs and should have instead taken Peripoint's position.

May 1, 1868

The Northern Methodist Church is growing in the South with 150,000 members, but the members are mostly African Americans. The Northerners are merely using the "negroes" to preach their agenda through the house of worship.

May 8, 1868

Mayor John Wells was enacted into office today. The Democrats are willing to fight to keep the "negroes" from as much as John Wells is willing to fight for their rights as citizens.

June 13, 1868

The scallawags are using their power in the courts and to increase their influence on "negroes" and political control.

August 6, 1868

Hunnicutt and the Radicals are taking advantage of the loyal negroes by forcing them to listen to their advice instead of other sources that might agree with them.

August 6, 1868

"Negroes" cannot make decisions on their own without the leadership from men like Wilson, Wells, or Hunnicutt.

September 29, 1868

Confirms that the governor is playing an active role in the prosecution of Jefferson Davis, this comment made to further pin Wells as a Yankee.

October 5, 1868

The dispatch supports this man's "resistance" against the northern carpet baggers. This shows that the souths hatred from those of the north has not wavered.
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