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October 27, 1870

In the railroad industry, there are two distinct policies under which companies run. These policies vary rather significantly, however it is clear that one is more beneficial than the other.

October 8, 1870

Despite what many may think, the editors of The Daily Dispatch want to make it clear: the white Radical Republicans are the ones using the African-Americans. Despite what they may say, the Radicals only need African-Americans for their vote, and haveā€¦

June 16, 1870

The Sub-Committee on the James River Improvement has requested funds to improve the James River, but the head committee has denied the request since a formal survey of the needed improvements and associated costs was not submitted with the request.

May 28, 1870

The National Banks and the National Government are debating who has the right to issue money as well as the implications that the National Banks holdings have on the economy.

May 11, 1870

The Republican ticket is composed of both "black" and "white" nominees for the magistrate position.

May 2, 1870

The Confederacy has sold lands during sequestration and the validity of these sales is being discussed in addition to the payments that should be required for damages done to said properties.

April 30, 1870

Chief Justice Chase renders his final decision on the case. Ellyson is the rightful mayor of Richmond.

April 28, 1870

The Capitol partially collapses during the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

April 20, 1870

The proceedings from a day in court between Chahoon and Ellyson. Mr. Daniel and General Wells hold the floor.

April 8, 1870

Chief Justice Chase begins hearing the case of Ellyson v. Chahoon.
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