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June 1, 1869

White Virginians are upset because at the Colored Convention, Radicals convinced freedmen attending to vote for them on the basis of education opportunities. White Virginians claim this is an unfair and untrue statement; that they will provide…

December 20, 1869

The Reconstruction committee this past Saturday was bogged with manufactured testimonies from ultra Radicals. The tactics of the Radicals have been so dishonest, even Wells himself has disowned the group.

July 13, 1869

It is important for white Virginians to prove to the black citizens of Virginia that they are safe with Walker in power.

May 1, 1868

The Northern Methodist Church is growing in the South with 150,000 members, but the members are mostly African Americans. The Northerners are merely using the "negroes" to preach their agenda through the house of worship.

October 16, 1869

Rumors swell of a coalition between the Wells Radicals and the Walker True Republicans in hopes of gaining a majority and electing Lewis or Stearns as Senators.

May 2, 1870

The Confederacy has sold lands during sequestration and the validity of these sales is being discussed in addition to the payments that should be required for damages done to said properties.

September 13, 1866

The military guard, under General Grant's guidance was stepped in and arrested four citizens who were charged with killing a "negro" after the civil authorities refused to arrest the men.

September 3, 1869

There is trouble with Tennessee's attempt to pass the Fifteenth. Virginia is primed to go ahead with the amendment but Governor Well is hesitant.

September 13, 1869

The Radical Republicans, in Response to Wells resigning and Walker taking office, have called a State Convention.

March 20, 1869

Don't vote the "negro." "The white people of the North or South will not vote for colored people to fill high offices unless no competent whites can be found to fill them." Why keep fighting and pressing for your rights, when we could have peace and…
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