The Agriculture of the State

April 23, 1868


Although the state of things in Virginia is not prosperous right now there is hope for the future. It is in every citizen's best interest to focus on improving Virginia's agriculture until she is released from the oppressive hands of the Radicals.


The Agriculture of the State. As has been always contended by this paper, our people should not allow depression and despondency to check their industry or oppress their hopes. A bright day-a very bright one-will so dawn upon Virginia. Our farmers should, with all their might and spirit, devote themselves to the tillage and improvement of their farms. Labor, under the present disorder and misrule, is greatly diminished in aggregate force, and is very unreliable. But to meet this exigency, the plain policy is to diminish the area cultivated, and to improve that as rapidly as possible. By energy and economy, and a wise system of tillage, the diminished area will ultimately make the farmer more clear profit than he derived from the more wasteful system pursued with slaves. Let the farmer, then, devote himself with this view to the promotion of his prospects. The farming community should not be diverted from this purpose by any tiling of a political nature in these strange times. All will come right. Let us plough, and sow, and reap. Let us have our local and State societies for the encouragement of industry and the improvement of agriculture, and heartily devote ourselves to the promotion of their efficiency. It will place Virginia in a condition of ease and independence from which she will make a rapid march forward the moment she is left by the tyranny which now oppresses her, to manage her own affairs.
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