General Hancock as a Candidate

April 30, 1868


In this rare event, General Hancock is very well-received and universally supported. As a potential Presidential candidate, General Hancock is the only man fit to do the job correctly. Hancock is an independent man whose morals lie in the Constitution. He is undoubtedly the type of upstanding man white Virginians have been waiting for.


General Hancock as a Candidate. It is highly gratifying to notice the unanimous approval in all sections of the country with which the name of General Hancock is received in connection with the next Presidency. He of all others is the man for the crisis. No one would be more acceptable to the South, or inspire more confidence throughout the country. Free from all cliques and cabals, planting himself firmly upon the Constitution, he is the only man now named, for that high office who has outridden the storm of Radicalism undismayed and unconquered. We feel satisfied that his name inscribed upon the Democratic banner would raise a storm of enthusiasm which, sweeping over the land, would scatter the Radical foes of liberty like chaff before the whirlwind, and restore again to history the prestige of the American name.- New Orleans Times.
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