A Veto Imminent

March 26, 1866


Newspapers across the country believe that the President will veto the Civil Rights Bill and the Dispatch agrees.


A veto of the Civil Rights bill is thought to be imminent, and will doubtless fall upon the Radicals to-day. We are glad to have been mistaken in regard to the President's course. The National Intelligencer of Saturday makes four points against the bill. First, it abolishes all State indicative. Secondly, it establishes negro superiority. Thirdly, it is grossly unconstitutional. Fourthly, it empowers the President to appoint innumerable spies informers, and the Federal courts to multiply their commissioners without number, and authorizes these despicable hirelings to call the army to their aid. Enough. Let the veto come. "One thing is certain, the bill has not been considered in the Cabinet yet."- New York Times This is the strangest fact of the day, and the Times is good authority for it. That paper is in the dark, and thinks the President may neither veto nor sign the bill, but allow it to become a law by the passage of time- ten days of which this is the last.
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