A Conflict of Races

May 1, 1868


The northern Radicals blame the southern Conservatives for the hostility towards races to win the "negro" vote.


A Conflict of Races. - The northern Radicals are always ready to declare that their allies in the South are not to blame for the ill-feeling which exists between the whites and blacks ; that they have done nothing calculated to produce a spirit of hostility between them ; and that it is the Conservative whites who are to blame. We call the attention of all such apologists for the southern negro party to the following sentence, which is taken from Hunnicutt's New Nation of yesterday: " The great effort should be to unite and consolidated colored vote of the State." This is the sole dependence of the Radical party in Virginia. They must have the vote of the negroes or they will have none. It is, on their part, an attempt to place the property of the State in the hands of the negroes, the offices in the hands of carpetbaggers, and intelligence under the domination of ignorance.
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