Three Candidates for Governor

May 9, 1868


The Radical Republicans have selected H. M. Bowden, a "negro", to run for Governor. Once again, the carpet-baggers are using "negroes" to gain political control.


Three Candidates for Governor. The Virginia Radicals have brought out Norton (negro) for Congress and H. M. Bowden, of Norfolk, for Governor, in opposition to the carpet-baggers nominated by the Convention supposed to have been packed by the Freedmen's Bureau. We applaud the spirit of the Virginia darkies. They do not intend to be used as tools by mere adventurers. They will make a fight for their rights. The idea is intolerable even to them that a flock of vagabond vultures from the North should be allowed to pounce down suddenly in Virginia and fatten upon the spoils of every office in the State. If Norton and Bowden have the spirit of men, they will not, like Hunnicutt, lick the hands that smote them.
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“Three Candidates for Governor,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed February 1, 2023,