Political Grounds

May 25, 1868


The carpet-baggers are removing the police because they do not agree with their policies.


Political Grounds. - The following correspondence speaks for itself. Our efficient and faithful police are being removed because they will not unite with the carpetbaggers and scallawags to elevate the negro amf degrade the white man by supporting the party who are attempting to force upon us the infamous negro Constitution. For every white man turned out of office by the Radicals the Conservatives have it in their power to discharge fifty negroes. They are playing with a two-edged sword, which may be turned against them. Suppose we follow their example, what a howl would go up from their press and speakers. Read Mr. Chahoon's frank admission : " Mayor's Office, " Richmond, Va., May 22,1868. " Sir, - Your services as a private of police will be no longer required, and you are hereby discharged from all further duty upon the force. " George Chahoon, Mayor. "Clinton Depriest, Esq., Richmond, Va." "Richmond, Va., May 23,186S8 "I am satisfied that Clinton Depriest was a good and faithful officer, and he was not discharged from the force by reason of any neglect or dereliction of duty on his part, his removal being made purely on political grounds.
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