The Military Wave Rolls On

May 26, 1868


Judge Fulton resigned before a military tribunal.


The Military Wave Rolls On. On Wednesday last, Judge Fulton, of Wythe, opened his court at Bland Courthouse. During the week, and before the session of the court was completed, a summons came from General Schofield commanding the Judge to appear before a military tribunal at Wytheviile. The Judge at once adjourned his court and resigned his office. He could not consent to proceed with the mockery of a court for the administration of justice while its presiding officer was in the custody of the military power. He could not serve two masters, and, with a high sense of duty, promptly closed the court and resigned his'position. What accusation has been brought against the Judge not even he knew on Saturday. He arrived at Wytheviile on that day to answer the summons." The accusation is probably based upon alleged partiality of the Judge in his decisions between Virginians who sided with the Confederacy in obedience to the mandate of their State and self-fityled Union men. And it is equally probable that a desire on the part of somebody to get Judge Fulton's place is at the bottom of the whole proceeding. Judge Fulton has ever maintained before his fellow-citizens the character of an upright and impartial judge; and none who know him will apprehend for a moment that any charge affecting his integrity in his high office will be fairly established by testimony.
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