Washington Letter

May 30, 1868


The Southern States will not re-enter the Union until after the Election because they have not passed new State Constitutions.


WASHINGTON LETTER Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch Reconstruction - Woolley - Ross. Washington, May 28, 1868. The indications are that the southern States will not be admitted until after the Presidential election, because they have not, by their Legislatures, ratified the constitutional amendment. That is the position of Senator Drake, and he represents the ma-, jority in the Senate, and in all probability speaks after full consultation with the ultra "Rads" on the subject. It will be apt to produce serious complications in the party. Mr. Woolley will be subjected to further persecution, and, unless he answers Butler's question, may yet be subjected to the punishment meted out to prisoners in the Old Capitol during the war. Since the personal explanation of Senator Ross, made yesterday, he has gained much strength among some who were disposed to be lukewarm, and those who were eager to accuse him of surrendering to a bribe are now more careful in their insinuations.
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