A Gloomy Prospect - Radical Foreboding for the Future of the Party

June 27, 1868


Tennessee has accomplished more in their short span after gaining their rights than the Northerners did during all of Reconstruction.


A Gloomy Prospect - Radical Foreboding for the Future of the Party. - " Agate," the Washington correspondent of thc Cincinnati Gazette, writes that paper as follows: "We are soon to have the southern States readmitted under the present reconstruction - Virginia, Texas (and probably Alabama) alone excepted. The Republican party has hitherto calculated upon great political gain from this admission. The leaders are now far less confident. It must be confessed that neither the fruits of reconstruction, nor the promises from the other States, are especially encouraging. "We have one rebel State back again - Tennessee. Before she had been fully restored her delegates to a national convention gave us Andrew Johnson. Since, her Legislature has given us Senators Fowler and Patterson. "Yet these are men of high character, compared with those now coming up from the South. There are whole delegations to the House from large southern States that do not contain one man as reputable in private life, or as respectable in ability and experience, ah Senator Fowler. There are plenty of them for whom Senator Patterson may stand as the type. ' God, only knows what we are to do with these creatures,' exclaimed one of the leading members of the Republican party, and one of its most prominent Congressmen. ' They seem to be without character at, home ; they have not very much hope of retaining their hold on their districts after the first election; and a good many of them are sure to go in for making the most they can out of their positions while they have them.' Perhaps the Congressman was severe in his judgment : but there is no doubt that the feeling among many of the leaders grows to be that in seeking for Republican strength at the South we have got a very large elephant of very uncertain disposition on our hands."
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