Who Tells the Carpet-baggers How to Vote

July 27, 1868


While the carpet-baggers may be told how to vote, not all of them follow the rules.


Who Tells the Carpet-baggers How to Vote. - A Washington letter in the Baltimore Gazette says: "Since the introduction into the House of the southern representatives, a novel innovation has been made in the manner of voting in that body. Whenever any question is up, and a vote about being taken, the carpet-bag members are visited by the pages, who whisper (loud enough to be heard by others), 'The Speaker says vote aye,' or, 'The Speaker, says vote nay,' as the case may be. A few days since the Radicals divided on a question, and General Butler ventured to instruct the new members as to how they should vote, but a brother Radical seeing the 'dodge,' followed on his track, and gave each a lesson on the opposite side. The vote was taken, and to the great disgust of the hero of Big Bethel the carpet-baggers all voted against him, in spite of his nods and winks."
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