Accusations of a Richmond Radical

August 10, 1868


The Radicals from the North that have infested Virginia have done more harm than good.


Accusations of a Richmond Radical. At one time the spies and conspirators of Venice dropped their accusations into the lion's mouth. Our Radical scapegraces and accusers, with a widely-differing taste, suited to their characters, deposit theirs in the basement story of Forney's pig-pen - the Washington Chronicle. We noticed the information given by a Richmond scalawag through that medium some days since; and now we find a second, which we venture to copy. It is signed " H.," and is supposed to be from the waspish collector of customs of Richmond. This " H." makes out a strong case of oppression. The reader will be amazed at the patience he and the canoe-load of scalawags who are associated with him have exhibited under their great sufferings. There could be nothing moro admirable, unless it be the logic which establishes the necessity of putting them all into office to protect them from scoffings, and ridicule, and threats, and ultimate compulsory cutting of their sticks, and fleeing across the border ! The latter extreme and final resort for safety has indeed, according to the "collector" of stories of rebel outrages, been predicted by a prominent gentleman of this State ! Office, then, is the Radical embalming process - it covers the Radical as a shield of seven-fold thickness, upon which the slings and arrows of rebel ridicule, irony, and reproach, make no impression. Rebels may rail and threaten to their hearts' content : as long ae the Radical is clothed with this shield he is like Tam O'Shanter by the fire under the friendly roof while the rain pours down without : " Tam did na mind the wind a whistle !" Few such remedies for a seared conscience and tender feelings are found on earth. It is not only a balm, but a nourishing food, and while it makes the moral feeling insensible to reproach and remorse, sustains the body by an incessant flow of Treasury pap that puts the patient above want. Most ingenious Radicals ! Their impudence is equal to their ingenuity. That the rebels are refractory, impenitent, and disloyal, disqualifies them for office only - they can go on paying taxes. And notwithstanding the violent tempers of the rebels, who are ready to devour the Radicals, only put these into office, and they are safe. Ah that is the sovereign remedy for wounds, insults, and dangers. Office places scalawag and carpet-bagger, slanderer and caitiff, in a perfectly safe position. They can then live upon the money paid by the rebels, and be entirely dead to denunciation and danger. What a monstrous condition of public affairs is it when we find such a miserable set of Radical incompetents as assemble in this city demanding office, and that they be allowed to control the intelligent and refined people of Virginia ! The State might well pay them a couple of millions to go away and never show themselves here again. They have injured her public interests vastly more than that, and promise still further to afflict her with greater losses. If we might be permitted to buy them an island, and colonize them there, that would be well. But to that there is an insuperable difficulty. They know too well what rascals they all are to trust each other, or to consent to live together in one community, with none but themselves to prey upon !
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