Richmond Dispatch

September 15, 1868


Another example of the Southerners defending their actions in the civil war and talking about how unfairly they are being treated.


How Repudiation would Affect The South. - The Charlottesville Chronicle says: " We of the Confederacy are only too familiar with the consequences of a rapid depreciation and sudden collapse of the currency not to be perfectly aware of the great losses which follow these changes. An entire loss of confidence in the greenbacks and a return to a specie basis would really be more fatal to prosperity here than at the North, though the aggregate amount of property lost there would be so much greater; for, just recovering, as we are. from what we have already suffered, we would be to much less able to bear it. What would only cripple them would utter- . ly ruin us, who are crippled already. We, above all other people in the United States, want peace and quiet, both in politics and trade ; and repudiation will cause anarchy and confusion in both . Even heavy taxation will be less injurious to our prosperity than the utter prostration of business that would result."
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