The Richmond Dispatch

September 19, 1868


Once again the Dispatch defends the confederate leaders against the critiques of other US newspapers by saying that what they did in "succeeding" from the Union was perfectly constitutional.


Secession.- The Dispatch takes both the Tribune and the World to task on the subject of secession as it relates to General Lee. Chase and Wade are authorities on this matter - why not refer to them ? If any one doubts the right, let him read Bledsoe's exhaustive little book, Is Davis a Traitor. The right is as clear as the noonday sun - nay, more. If government by consent be possible, it can be possible only by admitting and acting up to this right. Carlyle puts the subject at rest in a single line. " In controversies between great powers all questions are questions not of rights, but of mights." In one word, without might there is no right. The South had might in abundance; fools wasted it. - Native Virginian.
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“The Richmond Dispatch,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed March 30, 2023,