The Bad Day Near at Hand.

September 29, 1868


Believe that presidential election time is evil and that all the confusion and complications that it causes are the reason for Radical takeover of the government with there agenda of putting "negroes" on the same level as whites.


The Bad Day Near at Hand. We have long considered Presidential election a day of evil. Some of the fathers of the country thought the Republic would finally fall to pieces from the sock of this periodical election. They didi not think it could survive for any long period the bitter and violent conflicts of parties to it. Indeed, it has sorely tried the strength go the Government; but so many defects in its Constitution have been of late years developed that it is doubtful whether there are not others more perilous to the country than these rapidly recurring Presidential canvasses. For instance, the usurpation of Congress and principles of the Government hare appeared since the war in a light which has directed the public apprehension to that body as the source of greatest danger But the Presidential canvass is sufficiently fraught with evil to make us all wish that the Presidential term were greatly prolonged. The present canvass is the cause of a great deal of injury to this nation. It has postponed the restoration of the Union and continued the prostration of the southern States to the general disadvantage of the national interest. It was necessary to ensure a Radical triumph- if that could be done at all-that the antiRadical sentiment of the South should be paralyzed by the disfranchisement of white people, and it was equally necessary for the accomplishment of the object that the negroes should all be enfranchised and put upon an equality with whites.
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