Governor Peirpoint and Virginia.

October 1, 1868


The Dispatch blasts the former governor of Virginia who was widely unpopular. They call him both weak willed and assert that he sold out to Northern carpet-baggers.


Governor Peirpoint and Virginia. The well-to-do-in-the-Hesh and good-humored Governor Peirpoint has at last popped up from the fiood under which he had been sunk bo many fathoms by the carpetbaggers under the direction of the " gentleman from Michigan." Having remained quiet solong, we supposed he would persevere in his reticence until the Presidential campaign was over. But the Wheeling Badical paper brings a speech from him delivered in that city on Saturday. Wo opened it, expecting to find a hackling of the "gentleman from Michigan" and the "whiskey ring" of Richmond, upon whom he fixed "the deep damnation of his taking off." We were disappointed. Not a word has he to say in censure or depreciation of the gross injustice- indeed, the flagrant -assassination by which his official head was taken off and he was shown to the door of the old mansion of the grande governors of Virginia which had occupied. He submits like an innocent lamb to an outrage which excited the commiseration of us all, and seals his lips toward a clique by whose hands he fell, and which he here pronounced the most corrupt body of men that had ever been known in this country.
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