The Elections

October 13, 1868


The Dispatch is glad that the election season is almost over and will be particularly happy when the Presidential election is over.


The Elections. This day Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Nebraska hold their State elections. The whole nation looks to them with very deep Interest, since they will indicate, more than probably, the result of the Presidential election. We do not pretend to know enough to make a prediction. The result in each of the three great States is exceedingly doubtful. We are glad this day has arrived, and shall be still more rejoiced when that of the Presidential election has come and gone. It is the list disgusting and unprincipled campaign that ever disgraced this country. On the Radical side, the main staple in trade are the passions engendered by the way, which are maintained by the most deliberate, systematic, and atrocious system of misrepresentation of the southern people. The manner in which this branch of the partisan war has been conducted is as remarkable for its ingenuity as its villainy. Its success is yet to be tested ; but we can hope for no cessation of it until the election is over. We cannot see that it can be of further utility to the Radical party after that event; and it is possible that if we cannot get the monstrous falsehoods that hare so provoked and injured us corrected, at least the manufacture of them will in a measure be discontinued. Like all wrongs, these infinite crimes must come up for judgment and punishment. But let us be glad tho Presidential war will soon be over.
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