The Press on the Election

October 16, 1868


With Pennsylvania going to the Republicans (the key state that Democrats needed to win) Grant is projected to win by a Landslide in both the popular vote and electoral college.


The results of the State elections Tuesday clearly indicate the election of General Grant as our next President by an overwhelming majority of the popular and electoral vote of the Union. The Democrats, early in the canvass, finding the popular current in Ohio and Indiana setting in heavily against them, concentrated their available strength upon Pennsylvania, knowing very well that unless they could save Pennsylvania in October their's was " the lost cause." They have made, therefore, the most desperate struggle for the' Keystone State since the October election of 1856, when they carried it by some two thousand majority, and thus saved Buchanan in November. In this October contest, however, their delusive State majority of nine hundred of last year is buried under the Republican reserves beyond all hope of a resurrection for at least a year to come ; and " as goes Pennsylvania so goes the Union." We say that this loss of Pennsylvania, without going further, is the death-blow to Seymour and Blair. But apart from this ticket, the Democracy were impelled by another necessity to leave no stone unturned to save Pennsylvania. They knew that the loss of Pennsylvania in October would in all probability involve the loss of New York in November. The decisive consideration in Seymour's favor in Tammany Hall was that his name would carry New York, and that in saving New York the party, in any event, would have a solid foundation to build upon for 1872. Now, with their loss of Pennsylvania, there is every reason to believe that the fortyseven thousand Democratic majority in the Empire State last year will disappear in November like a morning fog from the face of the sea. The returns of these elections of Tuesday will admit of no doctoring to show a possibility for Seymour and Blair in November. The Presidential result is as certain as any human event in November can be, and the public mind throughout the country will from this day settle down upon this conclusion
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