Results of a Strike

October 17, 1868


Discuss a strike at the Tredegar Iron Works for higher wages. Some of the strikers were arrested and brought before the mayor for threatening the owner.


Results of a Strike. - It is generally known that a dissatisfaction among the "puddlers"and "rail-makers" at the Tredegar Iron Works some weeks ago culminated in a strike forhigher wages, although at that time it is said that the men were getting twenty-five percent more than is paid to the same class of workmen at the North. The "puddlers" soonvery sensibly went to work, but a few of the " rail-makers," under evil counsel, held out,and by threat prevailed upon many more to do the frame. This was the state of affairs,when Mr. David .Samuel, a stranger, was employed by the Tredegar Company as aforeman, and it being rumored that he was involved in a scheme to supplant oldworkmen, he became an object of ill-feel-ing on the part of the strikers. Yesterdaymorning twenty-one of them were brought before the Mayor on a warrant charging themwith threatening to beat Mr. Samuel and throw him into the canal. The evidence wassufficient to implicate only six of the number - William Roberts, John Davis, EdwardGeorge, Thomas Jones, David Williams, and John Evans. These were bound over to keepthe peace, giving security in the sum of $250 each.
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