Virginia Feeling

October 19, 1868


The Dispatch classifies this Virginia feeling as a sense of economic growth and opportunity which is taking place in Virginia.


Virginia Feeling. One gratifying feature of the Norfolk Convention was the outpouring of Virginia feeling that it elicited. It is no objection that this feeling, under the influence of the viands and excellent wines and brandies which the Norfolk people know so well how to dispense, became a little uproarious at times ; it was only a heartfelt impulse made a little more bounding by very agreeable causes ! The main point in the demonstration, however, is that it was in presentation of Virginia enthusiasm in the direction of practical utility - in the line of improving tho State, extending her commerce, and multiplying her manufactories. This is better than relying upon past honor and glory. They do not stand us in stead of the power of men and money in these days, and the very salvation of the State depends upon the vigorous concentration of the public spirit and devotion to the increase of her real prosperity and power. With all the natural resources of the State, unless the people are true to her interests and are ready even to make a present sacrifice for her and their future good, we can never make her great. Let us all endeavor to encourage this direction of public sentiment, energies, and resources. The reward that it will secure is invaluable. Let us build up great cities and manufacturing towns which will give our farmers markets at home. Thus we shall have a great commerce, a greatly increased population, an improved agriculture, enriched and beautified lands immensely enhanced in value, and a varied industry which will be continually adding to the wealth of the State and resources of the Government. Virginia, then, will add to her great fame an immense physical power which will make her respected, and give her weight in the national councils that will effectually protect her interests in the future. Long live Virginia feeling !
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