Hunnicutt vs. Carpet-Baggers

October 22, 1868


Dispatch continues to report on Hunnicutt. Say that he is now giving his message" to the African Americans in the rural communities. Says that Hunnicutt has to much respect to advocate "negroes to hold public office.""


Hunnicutt vs. Carpet-baggers. - The New Nation of yesterday was loaded to the muzzle with hot shot, and must have caused some destruction in the ranks of the carpetbaggers. It announces that Mr. Hunnicutt will shortly take the stump for the purpose of vindicating his character and motives before the people of Virginia - that is, the negroes in the rural districts. He already has the Richmond and Norfolk negroes on his side, and no doubt most of those in the principal towns of the State. He purposes the conversion of the rest ; and in order to this end will make a tour through the State. Wherever he shall go, he will certainly succeed in accomplishing his object. He has the advantage of his adversaries. If he does not misrepresent them, they have too much respect for their own race to advocate the election of negroes to office, whereas he hypocritically professes to regard it as all important that negroes should be made eligible to all the offices in the State. Of course the negroes will side with the demagogue who flatters them rather than with the men who tell them the truth as to their unfitness for office and the troubles they will bring upon themselves by attempting to make themselves the rulers of white men.
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“Hunnicutt vs. Carpet-Baggers,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed November 26, 2022,