Chamber of Commerce

October 29, 1868


The Dispatch reports on the goings and proceedings of the second annual Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce. - The annual meeting of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce was held last evening at the room corner of Gary and Fourteenth streets. The meeting was called to order by D. I. Burr, Esq., and Thomas Branch, Esq., was requested to act as chairman? Captain P. G. Coghlan, secretary. Mr. Burr (president) submitted the following report for the past year : Report of the President and Directors to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, October, 1868 The fifth article of the Constitution makes it our duty to lay before this annual meeting a report of the proceedings of the Board of Directors during the year just past - the first year in the life of this Association. This review must of necessity be general, and include only subjects of principal importance. To attempt to enumerate all matters, great and small, which have been called to their attention, would be neither interesting nor practicable. As soon as possible alter their organization your Board took steps to enlist as members of the Chamber all whose business pursuits naturally connected them with the objects of the Association. The entire Board was divided into a large number of committees for the purpose of effectually canvassing all parts of the city. The result of this canvass was the enrollment on paper of three hundred and forty-eight members - probably as large a number in proportion to population as is usual in similar bodies in other cities. Of this number, however, some have failed to pay the annual subscription, and as Article II. of the Constitution strikes from the roll of members all who remain delinquent on the first Wednesday in October the present membership is reduced to two hundred and eightyeight. As soon as circumstances would permit, convenient and central rooms were provided at an annual rent of $400, and furnished for the purposes of the Chamber. These rooms are kept open during the day, and arrangements made to make them a point of attraction to the mercantile community. One daily paper from each of the larger cities in the United States and from neighboring cities in Virginia, the freight tariffs of the railroads of the State, a daily report of the consignees by railroads and canal, and of the transactions in tobacco and grain (and other information of this character), are to be found there collected for their convenience and profit. In order to secure the proper examination of all subjects brought before them your Board, as soon as their by-laws were framed, established certain standing committees, as follows : First, on arbitration ; second, on commerce ; third, on manufactures ; fourth, on inland trade; fifth, on outward trade ; sixth, on finance - each charged with such examination in its particular department. The labors of these committees have appeared from time to time in reports more or less elaborate on questions vitally affecting the business community generally, or particular branches of our trade and manufactures. Some of these we proceed to enumerate, mainly for the purpose of showing the variety of subjects which require investigation in their bearing upon business pursuits, and which, without the existence of any organization like this, might be shaped to their disadvantage and injury. In this connection we mention the reports on " The importance of making negotiable paper payable to the order of the drawer" - "Obstructions to freight coming and going through Petersburg " - " Tariff of rates regulating commissions, storage, &." - " What constitutes a grain delivery " - " Responsibility of public carriers " - " Uniformity of weights and measures " - " Detention of freights on interior railroads " ? " Immigration " - " Preferences to through freights, and the system of pre-payment " - " The delays and expense of importations through New York" - "Obstructions in the channel of the river " -
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