A Prophecy

October 31, 1868


This democratic politician from Ohio is making the claim that Grant is in reality a democrat in disguise and he cites past times the Republicans elected closeted democrats as evidence and background.


A Prophecy - Grant to Turn Democrat, In a speech made last week at Crestline, Ohio, Mr. Vallandigham said: Now my Republican friends, I have not said anything against General Grant in this campaign. I have not done it for a purpose. If he is fit to be President, long before his term expires I will be found supporting him, honestly and cordially, against the leaders of the party which expects to elect him in November. [Loud cheers.] And you will have no right to cry out " Traitor" against him ; you will have no right to talk about his Tylerizing, or his Fillmoreizing, or his Johnsonizing you. You nominated him in Chicago ; you put a platform - a something called a platform - into his hand ; you asked him for an acceptance of it, and he accepted, and I dare say he would have accepted the Democratic nomination too. [ Laughter.] But he took care in his letter of acceptance to say that he would not proclaim any policy. He did not consider it advisable to do so in advance of the election - to say what he would do when he was elected. Now, I pray you to remember that I told you on this 26th of October that General Grant will reject the mad, fanatical, revolutionary Radical leaders of the organization which put him forward, if he proves true to the Constitution and the Union of our fathers. [Loud cheers.] If he will restore to this Government its harmony, and give back to the people their rights, North and South, I will be found among his cordial supporters, because I will be found in opposition to the Radical party. Why will he be in antagonism to the Republican party ? Because he will be an antagonist to their unjust measures. But remember, my Republican friends, you are electing him with your eyes open. When you old Whigs elected Tyler, there was nothing said about what he would do. You expected him to be committed to the policy of the Whig party. When you elected Fillmore, he was no Democrat, but in four months after his election his chief reliance was upon the Democratic party. So when you nominated Johnson, which you did because he was a southern man. [Laughter.] Yes, you did ; you did not know even whether he belonged to the KKK or not. [Loud laughter.] But he lived down South, and you wanted the odor of nationality about your Vice- President ; you wanted a southern man that it might introduce into a northern body. You found Andrew Johnson, and you knew he had been a Democrat ; and you knew he loved the Democrats so much that Republicans and Whigs had before-time denounced him as a demagogue - which is another thing from a Democrat, and you elected him. I did not vote for him, because my suffrage was for an honest son of Ohio, (George H. Pendleton. [Cheers.] You made Andrew Johnson Vice-President, and some one says that God Almighty made him President- and it is not for me to settle disputes of that kind - I leave it to those who may have time to discuss it - but just as Johnson has refused to follow your Radical projects, and as you have denounced him, just as surely will you be denouncing Grant on the 26th of October, 1869, if he shall be elected President. And then, too, we shall have the satisfaction of saying that we did not elect him.
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