Hunnicutt on "Carpet-Baggers"

November 3, 1868


Article mainly consists of a quote from Rev. Hunnicutt in which he gives a very fire and brimstone speech. He makes claims that the Radical are trying to defame and dishonor the good men of Virginia while at the same time filling their own pockets with Virginians money.


Hunnicutt on "Carpet-baggers." - A correspondent of the New Nation, writing from Portsmouth, calls attention to a denunciation of the Rev. Mr. Hunnicutt in the columns of the Petersburg Times (Radical), and begs permission to say a few words in vindication of Mr. Hunnicutt. This permission is accorded, and at the conclusion of his philippic Mr. Hunnicutt adds the following bitter anathema of " carpetbaggers " : " We publish the above as another evidence of the innate meanness and blackness of hearts of the diabolical wretches who, claiming to be Republicans, are the veriest and basest enemies the Republicans have to contend against. These miscreant adventurers , having no character of their own to lose, and no property to tax, and no responsibilities resting on them, meanly, basely, and cowardly seek to build up a reputation with the colored people by lying and defaming and trying to pull down the good names of gentlemen who would scorn any association with them whatever. Beggars, they seek their fortunes by whining and crying for office. Producing nothing, they would suck the last drop of blood from the veins of every Virginian to fill their own empty pockets, and then, in justification of their own base acts, would filch from them that which is worth more than all the sordid wealth of the earth - their fair reputation, their good name. These ravenous, devouring wolves in sheep's clothing, who go poking about through the country whispering, writing, publishing, and circulating infamous lies and slanders against the true and tried men of Virginia, merit the execration of all good men and the eternal anathemas of a just and righteous God. Their sins will find them out, and they will be brought to shame and infamy at last."
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