Epistle of Hunnicutt to Carpet-Baggers

November 4, 1868


Another rant against Carpet-Baggers by Hunnicutt that the Dispatch liked enough to publish. Warns these men are only seeking office to help themselves and hurt Virginians. Warns Virginians to guard their rights


Epistle of Hunnicutt to the Carpet-Baggers " : What a Comment! - What a comment on Virginians i That no "loyal Virginian can be trusted " Trusted by whom ? Cannot be trusted by a few strangers who have squatted in Virginia for the whole and sole purpose of making their living and fortunes by officeholding. These men, without means, without any established character to recommend them to the confidence of the people, without any employment of business to help build up the State in any way ; loafing around prying into everybody's business, having none of their own ; looking out for any vacancy of office which may be made ; trying to shove others out that they themselves may creep in ; trying to pull others down that they may go up; trying to snatch the bread out of honest men's mouths to fill their own greedy stomachs; trying to undermine honest men's business that they may sneak into their places ; trying to crush out truth and honesty to make way for lying and robbery. And these are the beautiful specimens of depraved humanity who say no "loyal Virginians nor southern Union men are to be trusted." Of course these honest, amiable gentlemen "can't trust Conservatives ; and therefore no Virginians or southern gentlemen, whether they be loyal or disloyal, Republicans or Democrats, are to be trusted by these men. If this be true, it will be a long, long time before Virginia will be fit for reconstruction. And what do the colored people think of this? Are they not Republicans ? "Oh, yes, but they are negroes," say these men, "and are only fit to vote to put us into office and power." " The negroes must be made to know that they can't hold office," say these office-hunters. Yes, and just as soon as these men serve their own political, selfish ends with the poor unsuspecting colored population they will crush and grind them out, just as they are seeking to crush out and grind into the dust white Union men, and Virginians and southern men generally. We hope Virginians, white and colored, will remember what we say. We warn them faithfully of their danger. These men are trying to sell Virginia and Virginians out at very low prices, and these officehunters wish to be the purchasers. Guard your rights, Virginians, or you are gone, and gone forever.
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“Epistle of Hunnicutt to Carpet-Baggers,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 5, 2022, https://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/1179.