State Agricultural Society

November 28, 1868


The Dispatch is very pleased that this meeting is taking place and see it as an omen that next fall the fair will be back in all its former glory.


State Agricultural Society. We are delighted to see the advertisement of the president ofthe State Agricultural Society calling & general meeting of the members on the 10th ofDecember At the Exchange Hotel, to provide means and make preparations for a Fair andExhibition on the grounds of the Society near this city next fall. We trust that there willbe a full meeting, and that the most active measures will be adopted, not only for thepurpose of holding a Fair, but to make it a grand one. Having said enough about the longdelay in this matter, we shall say no more but that we hope the vigor now displayed mayshow the energy inspired by rest, and that the success next fall will even eclipse all theformer annual meetings. A successful State Fair next fall will be of immense publicbenefit, and we should all hail the preparation for it with great satisfaction.
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